Saturday, April 4, 2020

Senior Spotlight: Sara Scholl
My art practice is a means for me to work through the negative aspects in my life. With this work I was thinking about how I treat myself and the things I often think about myself. I am interested in how people treat each other, themselves, and the world around them. I tend to focus on the negative side of that within my work, and have to make a conscious effort to remember the more fun and positive aspects of life.


I like to work with a variety of materials and like to utilize things like knit objects, paper, glass, wax and metal. I enjoy learning new processes to add to my making abilities, such as paper making, book binding, and crocheting. I hope to never stop learning new and different artistic practices. 

"Imitation of a Bridge, Imitation of my Father"


I cast vertebra in glass and aluminum and suspended them from the ceiling while video of a stream play on opposing walls.

"The Mysterious Disappearance of Antarctica"


For this work during my Junior Year I cast iron Antarctica's through ice and made a video discussing how the majority of the mass of the continent is disappearing. I cast 3 Antarctica's, each a little smaller then the previous.

 "I Will Be Okay"
In my senior year I created hundreds of tiles that each read either "I'm insane" "I'm scared" or "I'm broken". I cast the tiles in iron, aluminum, resin, 3 different colors of wax, paper, and plaster and amassed over 700 of them. The phrases were in reference to things I often think about myself and how many times I think these things.


The most recent project I have worked on is one about my grandmother who passed away recently. I created versions of her house out of different materials such as yarn, wax, and metal. Her house is now a cream color but when I was a kid it was bright green. This is still a work in progress project, but as of right now i displayed halves of the wax, knitted, and metal houses with a green light shining out. 

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