Thursday, April 30, 2020

Senior Spotlight: Ruby Wisniewski

cast bronze bee with iron and paper flowers
The piece below "Mobile Museum" is a traveling, living, museum that is designed to catalog a mile long path through Alfred, NY. The wheel is rolled to a location, where the user can explore and add samples, images, or notes to the archive as one discovers new things on the trail. The inner circle invites comfortable lounging for the user to sit and contemplate the space around them. Giving a feeling of playful exploration this museum is intended to allow one to explore the world with the eyes of a child.


"Out of my Depth" is representative of my feelings toward a double major in Art and Engineering during my third year in college. There was a great deal of balance necessary. I felt as though I had no direction (no rudder), and despite obviously being on a path somewhere, I wasn’t actually going anywhere. I couldn’t tell if my educational bedrock (of engineering textbooks) was supporting me or if I had run aground upon it. But it came to feel as though only I could see the ocean upon which I was trying to navigate. 

Inspired by honeycomb paper ornaments, "Nut to Hut" comments upon the origins of our resources. It originates as a piece of AstroTurf upon which acorns are “planted” and “watered”. It is then placed vertically to reveal that it resembles the outline of a tree cut in half. The piece is “opened” revealing that it is in fact a paper honeycomb tree. An ax is presented and it “cuts down” the tree. The vertical piece is closed and reopened 180 degrees to the other side creating a small domicile to which a front door and welcome mat are added. 


Inspired by Tibetan Singing bowls "Drum Circle" engages the community in experimentation and sound. Several musical bowls were cast using various combinations of aluminum, iron, and bronze to change their sound. 

The piece relied on auditory and tactile interaction. The bowls were arranged into a drum circle with a bright fiery centerpiece, and cushions forming a circle to sit on and play.

The large polished bronze bowl (representing the fire around which a community may gather) also calls back to the process in which all of the bowls were made in the foundry, born of fire in one cohesive effort, just as the drum circle itself recollects the community of the foundry.

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