Friday, May 8, 2020

Senior Spotlight: Alessio Ardita

I am a double Art + Design and Engineering major, who works in metal, glass, and performance. My work involves references to pop culture as well as the creation of my own characters and twists on recognizable items.

Alessio playing a cast aluminum guitar

Rune Electric Guitar
I created my own symbolic language, and using that created the body of this guitar. The symbol is my own name, and the guitar is then cast aluminum that I turned into a playable guitar.
Picture of performance based on glass spike sleeve 

Glass arm
This glass arm was entirely created from glass, foam and flex seal. It is meant to resemble the powerful arm of a character for a short story I wrote. He is insane, but only because of the energy of the arm. The arm symbolizes the destructive force of ‘power’. He may be at the top, but he is there alone. 

Cast iron glove

Hell Boy’s Gauntlet
This piece is made entirely out of iron and weighs almost 60 lbs. It was inspired by my favorite childhood superhero, Hell Boy. I mention this, because many of the ideas that lead to the creation of my original characters come from past interests.I believe it’s only fair to pay my dues to what led to my current works.

Hydrolysis powered hand held flame thrower

Hydrolysis cannon
This piece was created from my idea of Hydrogen being a clean renewable source of energy as it turns the water inside it’s cylinders into fire through the common process of hydrolysis. I made it look like the blasters from Iron man’s suit as I found the idea quite comical and gave it a spin based on my own imaginative design work.

Staff with cast bronze symbol

The Staff of Destiny / Picks of Destiny
These pieces are meant to resemble the Pick of Destiny from the Tenacious D movie. It is the best movie ever, period. That was a reference to the movie.

The dream well
This work was created from the idea of throwing coins into a well in exchange for a granted wish. The structure is entirely made out of found objects, such as an old heater and a rigging system I found in a scrap yard. It symbolizes the magic we believe we can purchase and the question of whether the wish will ever come true.

Oney is a fictional character I made for a book I’ve been working on. He is one of the ‘failed’ experiments the United States military created trying to clone an even bigger, more terrifying wonder of the world. Oney is considered a monstrosity by the states only by their own mistake, as they extracted the DNA from the beast as it was turning back to a human. While his appearance is atrocious, is he not as much of a human being as the rest of us? Or should he live as the monster we brand him as?

Spooky Vid.mp4
This work was a comical idea I had by using video effects I learned to ‘get’ the audience.

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