Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Sogata is a Japanese process of creating cast metal vessels commonly used in tea ceremonies, but is also a hands on and renewable process of mold making that is attractive to the modern day metal caster.  See the link below for a step by step process of how to do your own sogata!

Sogata Step by Step

Environmental Foundry Gallery Show

Renée Vogelle, Godless Shrine, Bronze
Stephen Rooney, Structure, Bronze

Stephen Rooney, Horns, Bronze
Becca Flis, Homage to Mother Nature, Bronze

Renée Vogelle, Sogata Vessel, Bronze

Check out the Environmental Foundry Show details!

Dung Molds

This dung and clay mold process has it's origins rooted in ancient Africa. Below are some pictures of the process and final products of using this process! At the very bottom of the page is  link to a step by step visual guide to using this method of mold making. 

A Step by Step to the Dung and Clay Method of Mold Making