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Alzheimer's Glass and Iron- Spring 2014- Alfred University - Online Auction

Spring 2014-Alzheimer's Glass and Iron- Alfred University -Online Auction

An example of an iron oxide painting created by an elderly community member of Western NY and a  iron sculpture casted in homage by an Alfred University student.

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 Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron- Alfred University

Spring 2014- Online Auction

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Real Art vs. Modern Art

Franconia Sculpture Park - Call for Artist and Interns!



Fellowship Programs (FSP/ Jerome & Open Studio Fellowships) February 8, 2014
Intern Artist ProgramFebruary 28, 2014
Hot Metal Artist and Hot Metal Intern Artist ResidencyMarch 22, 2014
Call for Exhibition Proposals (for Franconia's NE Mpls Gallery) Ongoing
Arts Administration InternshipOngoing

Video of 2013 MELTDOWN IRON POUR at the National Casting Center Foundry

Thank you Devin Henry for the excellent video!

Coral Lambert, director of the National Casting Center Foundry- Volcano Furnace Performace at the 7th International Contemporary Cast Iron Arts Confrence


"Volcano Furnace: An Earth Work Fire Performance
Coral Penelope Lambert
My proposal is to work with raw materials directly onsite at Pedvale such as clay, earth, iron, and stone where they will take the form of an earth mound and ancient inspired iron furnace. Stone boulders will be carved and mounded whilst the interior of the earth mound will be shaped with a mixture of clay and earth to include channels for air and a mouth for molten iron so that it can be operated as a functioning iron furnace on Midsummers eve. My aim is that the ‘Volcano’ can be a platform for performance and celebration as well as a place that visitors to the park can get closer to the sky.
The ‘Volcano’ is active but will remain a dormant earthwork and sculpture after its first Midsummers firing during the Conference. It does however have the potential to be re-activated.
As an artist who utilizes the foundry as a laboratory to explore the union of concept, process and the nature of ‘things’, my work over the past 20 years has manifested itself through heat ‘n’ treat practices such as moulding, melting, casting and fabricating. I have always been interested in the elemental and transformative nature of fire and as such I see the earth itself as both a foundry and a furnace. There is a parallel that can be drawn between the mountain and the furnace as a kind of matrix. In the eyes of many ancient cultures a cave in the side of a mountain was an entrance into a sacred world, to enter into the cave to reap the ores was akin to stealing the unripe fruit of mother nature for it was believed that if they were left there then all would mature to gold. The ores are then taken to the furnace, an apparatus that could speed up the work of nature. In this case when the ‘Volcano Furnace’ is tapped out molten iron will cast diamond shaped tablets into stone molds.
This sculptural earth work ‘Volcano’ continues to investigate the idea of speeding up the work of nature which is historically connected to the story of metal casting and use of fire. My proposal has a ritual component with the potential of an annual firing, at the same time the event may become something of myths and legends.
The artifacts from the ‘Volcano’ will remain on site or nearby. The Iron that is melted in the Volcano Furnace will run down spiraling channels echoing that of lava flows, the iron will fill pre carved stone molds where a diamond shaped slab is cast. Although the light on midsummers eve will never be completely dark these will glow and remain warm for sometime. Each tap is approximately 300#.
The markings allude to ancient solar observatories such as those in New Mexico, Peru or NewGrange in Ireland. The mound will be about 12 to 10 ft high so steps are molded into the mound using compacted earth and sod, the charging of the furnace will considered a ritual component, the dress of the charging crew will be considered and their actions choreographed.
I am also interested to hear from other artists who may wish to use this as a platform for other performance aspects or to collaborate in some way.
The inspiration for ‘Volcano Furance’ comes from my research into Ancient African Furnace Designs, although a traditional cupola furnace will be used inside the mound the exterior will reflect a different aesthetic : The ‘Volcano’ Furnace will be built into an earth mound at least 10ft in height. The ‘Volcano Furnace’ will tap out #300 of Iron three times. Three mouths of the furnace will be situated half way up the earth mound so Iron will flow into specific carved channels. The furnace will be operated for the rear of the earth mound where a cut is made for access.

7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art

Members of the Alfred University Foundry Guild as well as members of the Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron project are planning on attending the 7th International Cast Iron Art Sculpture Symposium in Pedval,e Latvia.

“The 7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art is being hosted at the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum in Latvia during the week of the national Latvian celebration of the Summer Solstice from June 19 – 23, 2014. This conference will explore the conceptual and aesthetic context of sculptural iron casting and its effect on contemporary art, forms of ritual and the transformation of landscape. The conference will be a platform to share ideas, processes and work, and will contribute to the aesthetic and cultural dialogue of sculptural iron casting.”

The team plans to head to Latvia on June 1st, so they have a few weeks to prepare for the big performance night. On the summer solstice cast iron and fire performances will be held all night long in celebration of Jāņi, June 23-24th

The team will be working on these projects while they are in Latvia:

·         Construction and Firing of 13ft Volcano Furnace created by Coral Lambert

·         An Ancient Mold Making Demo and Presentation by Becca Flis

·         A Presentation about the Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron project chaired by Rosemarie Oakman

·         Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron Forget Me Not Garden on the Volcano Furnace

For more information on the 7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art
Please check out the website


Alzheimer's Glass and Iron
One Year Anniversary Cake Pour


To help support the Foundry Guild &

Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron Project !


Please drop off baked goods at the foundry all day on February 14th and the morning of February 15th.

Bake Sale in Conjunction with POUR YOUR HEART OUT and Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron One Year Anniversary Cake Pour!
at the National Casting Center Foundry At Alfred University
On main street in Alfred New York, up Sugar Hill Rd.

Salem Art Works - Internships and Emerging Artist Program

Intern and Emerging Artist Programs at Salem Art Works!
All Applications due April Fool’s Day, Don’t be a Fool.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cast Iron Workshop - Sculpture Trails - Indiana

Workshops will run in July 2014 from Monday to Saturday.
Artists should arrive on Sundays to get set up.
July 1-5th intern week – Prep workshop and pour with interns
July 6th -13th first week
July 13th-20th second week
July 20th-27th third week
July 27-31st intern week - clean workshop- final pour – final install

Makers and Shakers International Sculpture Symposium in Miami Florida - Sand Mold Workshop and Iron Pour

The International Sculpture Symposium Makers and Shapers took place in Miami Florida between November 29th and December  3rd. Director of the National Casting Center and head of Sculpture and Dimensional Studies at Alfred University, Coral Lambert lead a cast iron workshop as part of the Symposium.

Artists from around the world, worked together at Florida International University to create sand molds and perform a cupola iron pour with the assistance of students from Alfred University and University of North Florida ,

Special thanks to Lance Vickery and Jenny Hager who ran their cupolette Julie, alongside Coral Lambert’s furnace Mothra.



 After the pour many of the workshop participants were able to attend the Miami Art Fairs including Art Basel, Aqua and Art Miami.

 Throughout the week Cuban coffee and pulled pork were enjoyed by all!

Artists participating in the workshop include:

Tamsie Ringler

Nikki Moser

Cynthia Handel

Laura Phelps Rogers

Jenny Hager

Lance Vickery

Marsha Pels

Susanne Roewers

Okay Ikenegbu

Greg Loring

Students assisting in the workshop include:

Becca Flis

Steven Rooney

Kevin Dartt

Sara Bruce

Rosemarie Oakman

Ian Skinner

Specials thanks to Florida International University for hosting the workshop and pour!

Our only vice is hot metal.



Cupola Iron Pour featuring the Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron Project 

Noon- Dusk February 15th 2014

@ the National Casting Center Foundry at Alfred University in Alfred, New York

 -Relief molds will be for sale, community members are invited to scratch a pattern into a block of sand and watch as we fill molds with molten metal.

 * All scratch blocks will be poured, finished and ready to take home that day.


-Reactionary sugar molds.

-Hanging reactionary glass molds.

-Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron One Year Anniversary CAKE POUR.

-BAKE SALE - made possible by donations from the community of Alfred, New York.

Ruby Tumble Stack Trail System at Salem Art Works

Please help our friends at Salem Art Works by voting!
"Now, open every day from dawn to dusk, to get the most out of this winter season the Ruby Tumble Stack trail System is ready to be used. Snow shoeing, hiking, sledding, cross country skiing, down hill skiing and snow boarding are just some... examples of the many ways you can enjoy the Cary Hill and it's new trails. "
Help them Win MVP Project GO competition so they can maintain these wonderful trails!

Alfred University Foundry Guild 2013/2014


Workshops, internships and visiting artist opportunities throughout 2014