Thursday, January 2, 2014

Makers and Shakers International Sculpture Symposium in Miami Florida - Sand Mold Workshop and Iron Pour

The International Sculpture Symposium Makers and Shapers took place in Miami Florida between November 29th and December  3rd. Director of the National Casting Center and head of Sculpture and Dimensional Studies at Alfred University, Coral Lambert lead a cast iron workshop as part of the Symposium.

Artists from around the world, worked together at Florida International University to create sand molds and perform a cupola iron pour with the assistance of students from Alfred University and University of North Florida ,

Special thanks to Lance Vickery and Jenny Hager who ran their cupolette Julie, alongside Coral Lambert’s furnace Mothra.

 After the pour many of the workshop participants were able to attend the Miami Art Fairs including Art Basel, Aqua and Art Miami.

 Throughout the week Cuban coffee and pulled pork were enjoyed by all!

Artists participating in the workshop include:

Tamsie Ringler

Nikki Moser

Cynthia Handel

Laura Phelps Rogers

Jenny Hager

Lance Vickery

Marsha Pels

Susanne Roewers

Okay Ikenegbu

Greg Loring

Students assisting in the workshop include:

Becca Flis

Steven Rooney

Kevin Dartt

Sara Bruce

Rosemarie Oakman

Ian Skinner

Specials thanks to Florida International University for hosting the workshop and pour!

Our only vice is hot metal.

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