Thursday, April 30, 2020

Senior Spotlight: Molly Fitscher

Nature is not only my inspiration, but is an actual material in my practice. I have a growing and withering collection of found organic material such as leaves, moss, flowers, and bark. I use these materials in conjunction with glass and metal, to create my work.

By working with contrasting natural and artificial materials, it allows me to incorporate my passions, process of art making and nature together. I appreciate the process of art making. I value the experience in the making of art, and I believe it's just as prominent as the completed work. 

This was my first cast piece in both glass, and metal. By displaying the original piece of wood with the cast replicas by its sides, and tied fragments of my own recently cut hair I was trying to create a connection between myself, and my developing practice.

With this work I was more focused on the experiential factor. The process and involvement that took place in creating, made the end product gratifying. The know of how this was constructed, was my completed work. 


This series was exploratory for me. By hot casting over bark I constructed an exoskeleton. These exoskeletons are a reproduction of nature with a focus on the high textured forms it creates.


With nature being an inspiration and material within my practice, I habitually organize it. This custom is a way regulating my work so there is no repetition. This piece is me taking my organizational aspect of my practice with my nature influence, and incorporating it into a piece.

This installation is about form, light, and texture from my own imitation of nature. By looking at natural patterns I was able to create my own personal interpretation of nature, but with the materials of my choice.

Centrifugal casting in progress

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