Friday, April 24, 2020

Senior Spotlight: Mike Cannata

I construct modular components that incorporate environment in my sculptural work.  Figurative elements come out of blob-like forms that suggest body movement and emotion, and coil-built elements represent thought patterns.

I question the human connection to nature comparatively to the relationship with a mechanized daily life. I ask what sensations and thought patterns come from the self and what is imposed by society.

This work is about moments of movement and stillness, and how sensations and emotions pertain to experience.  I am somewhat of an obsessive thinker. Movement has always given me a sense of reprieve from this busyness.   Adrenaline inducing activities like skateboarding slows time; focuses, tells mind and body that what is happening is important, and reminds one that they are alive… I crave this perspective of sensory awareness. 


In the activity of dance, movements can be understood as the body speaking subconsciously. A spoken word seems to melt away the experience of an in improvisational contact dance with another.

Moments of stillness in meditation may be the opposite of adrenaline inducing, however they supply similar awareness of sensations and emotions of body and mind.  My art explores what is to be a hyperactive individual both mentally and physically, how observations of body sessions benefits myself and could benefit people with similar qualities.

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