Thursday, December 15, 2016


'Two views on Unmonumental Monumentation'

A monument is something erected in memory of or as enduring evidence of a person or an event of importance. Through this investigation I am interested in exploring the way people immortalizes these events of importance in their lives or the lives of the populous.

Traditionally monuments have been used to memorialize and immortalize events of greater importance. I am interested in the way one can monumentalize the unmonumental.

By shrinking the scale of these monuments, both physically and conceptually, an interesting juxtaposition is formed that brings value to the importance of individuals. Through the use of two distinct views on Unmonumental Monumentation I am curious to explore how this juxtaposition operates in different environments. 


'Ode to Adventure' is an earlier work it is the beginning of a one sided conversation discussing what living really is.

Each object represents for myself a time and a place. They each carry with themselves a heavy tale of how we met and where we are going. As I travel I am prone to seek out items to add to my collection as with each object I am in a sense adding to myself, creating a more lively narrative of my own life as well as that of the objects I stumble across. In my Ode to Adventure I have gathered objects that each tell a tale of exploration, be it in the literal sense or a more interpersonal one. This Ode is particularly interesting to me because each item within the collage can tell a different story for each person be it the comical and childish threat of a can of mace for one, or the very real intimidation felt by the same object for others. I am curious to continue to push this dialogue of alternative perspective as it truly says a lot about where each viewer comes from and possibly where they are going. An adventure does not always mean hopping a fence or running from the law, life is whatever you make of it. Why not make it an adventure?

Noah Heyman
Sculpture Foundry Fall 2016 @ Alfred

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