Monday, December 12, 2016

'I CAN BE THE MUSER' by Jessica Feuer

'I Can be The Muser'  Room Installation

It is a societal norm in modern day that we purchase what is needed when it is needed and when items around the home break we either pay others to fix them or purchase a new one. To most this is convenient, though in the world that we live in there are so many conveniences.  Many of these conveniences separate the individual from the things that make up the world around them.


I can take responsibility of building and creating the furniture and many necessary items in my home. I then become the "user" after striving to be the "maker".

Finding myself increasingly passionate about closing the gap between the "maker" and the "user" with each new project, I can see the reality of being able to start filtering out the unfamiliar, factory made or imported objects with functional creations made by my own two hands or by the hands of those around me.
Finding myself as the "muser" of my own imitate world is only a goal at this part of my life so I have taken the items that I have created in preparing myself for such goal and filled a room. Here I present an elevated snap shot of my largest goal in life.

'Once Carried Alone'

We all carry a lot around with us. We can fill bags upon bags both literally and metaphorically with the items we use as well as emotions we have. For the better of tomorrow times come where 'packing' a bag and leaving it behind is a healthy habit to find yourself in. Some experiences, traumas or good times, they all pass leaving behind just a relic. As for the future, all we can do it aim for our goals, project (if you will) an idea of what it is we want and go for it.

I was lying to myself as I set up for the presentation of my past, present and future featuring myself and all the baggage I carry thought out my days. I say this because I am not alone anymore, I have no need to hold the weight all myself. My partner has made life less heavy for me. If roles here, in the performance part of this installation were reversed, I would lighten his load as well.

by Jessica Feuer 
Junior Foundry Fall 2016

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