Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Senior Spotlight : Hannah 'Bonny' Crowl

Artist Statement
The codes of social expectations have influenced all individuals; relying on that influence to create the norms through repetition and ritual. These standards are often expected; individuals and the consequences for failing to meet these demands commonly result in discrimination and social alienation. My work reflects a fear of these rejections. Using metal my work portrays the resistance to change, permanency of social influence, and desperation caused by fear. Fear of social rejection can result in the modification of physical elements, some perceive these modifications as violent, others see them as necessary adjustments. All of my pieces reference the human body on a life-size scale, but have oppositions made in various other dimensions manipulating the body. The scale of my body castings are life size so they can instill the viewer with a sense of sympathy and self-reflection. My portrayal of the contradiction of humanity using mechanics to feel more “human” is indiscriminate, allowing the viewer have a personal interaction with each sculpture.

Hannah Crowl 2012

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