Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Senior Spotlight: Robert Wheeler

Artist Statement
The world has experienced a paradigm shift from analog to digital over the last 70 years. A result of this shift was the birth of the Internet, which truly connected the world for the first time via high speed, high bandwidth fiber optic cables. Global conductivity of ideas, money, and goods has become far more efficient than it had been in the analog world.

Its 2012 and I am living in the long anticipated digital golden age of knowledge. The conductive forces of light, sound, metal, and electricity comprise my palette. The notion of a digitally connected society and its potential to either advance or destroy civilization is what helps to bring my artistic visions to life.

My works are an attempt at transcending vernacular language, through the use of these forces, in order to conduct a visceral response into the audience. Interactivity of the audience and my work is key in forming memories of the experience. The creation and storage of an organic memory derived from an object of digital origins raises the question, how truly connected to the digital realm is humanity?

Robert Wheeler 2012

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