Monday, February 6, 2012

Senior Spotlight : David Holub

Artist Statement
Public bench people watching, country creek living organism stirring, my work is like an innate glare, an observation provoked into a personal reflection locked in the Ivory Tower.
I grew up with an overlapping understanding of the world, by relating biological elements from childhood explorations: I’m still just an over grown child.  I like to examine personalities, by turning the contrast volume up on a character’s inner workings, including self.  For me, manipulations of mediums is an investigation, instigating anthropomorphic imagery and form.  Through these processes of art, the end results are ideas expressed by seizing moments as sculpture, stark and quirky.
I work with casting materials; metals, glass, and found objects. The use of different materials helps me create a vocabulary that when it all boils down in 2D &  3D, I edit,  chop them up and put it all back together like a mad scientist.
My recent work delves into the idea of self-deconstruction.  I have been finding myself going back and working with a hand modeled self portrait bust, redeveloping a past self perception physically by subtle destructions and cycles of opposites.  Like a natural forest fire’s self-deconstruction of the old school to create that, “New New”, untainted and naive. By exploiting these juxtapositions I’m searching for a balance that struggles.

David Holub 2012

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