Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Senior Spotlight: Zach Stork

Artist Statement
An interest of the natural world, entropy of existence and landscape provoke my attention wherever I roam. Wonderment of what is happening within an environment and the materials it is comprised of influence my artistic practice. The use of symbols, whether in material or object are found within my works to convey the configuration of the world in my eye.

Much of my work has been an investigation of cultural relativism within the quandaries of self-bearing and the fa├žade of American society. These examinations of ideas are then synthesized, transforming into a matrix of ambiguity that alludes our societal time and era.
An investigation into the nuclei of societies and ethics of authority and there relationship to nature and its inhabitants are a focul point of my creative material interactions. Specifically the disintegration of agriculture, business, and construction professions. My interests are manifest in objects and installations.
I find the confines of our society instill a distress within the nature of my work; I attempt to make this apprehension ardent, virtuous and authentic in essence.

Zachary Thomas Stork 2012

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