Friday, August 24, 2012

How to make Non Toxic Plasticene

Plasticence Recipe

20.5 oz         Vaseline   (1x 13oz and 1 x 7.5oz jars)

35oz             Baby Oil  (1 and ¾  20oz bottles)

5#                 Yellow Wax or Victory Brown

14#               Ball Clay (airfloat bond)

You will also need a roll of heavy duty aluminum foil.
4 gal metal pail, electric ring heat source, paint stirrer.

Use a well ventilated area. Use the spray booth in the foundry fab shop. Always wear safety glasses, respirator and hot working gloves.

Ø Melt the wax in 4 gal large enamel steel pot (the blue one stored under wax bench), blend in baby oil and Vaseline until all are melted. Use electric ring on the low setting so it does not burn the oil or wax.

Ø Sieve the ball clay into the pan a little at a time, be careful not to over boil, as foam will be created at first, this calms down once more clay is added. Keep adding all the clay stirring gently. Finally take off the heat and with a paint stirrer on a drill mix it thoroughly: careful not to mix too vigorously or it will the hot plasticene will fly out of the pan! Scrape the sides of the pan and mix again.

Ø Spoon some out and let it totally cool to test consistency.

Ø Add more clay for hardness or extra oil to make it more pliable.

Ø Pour out carefully no thicker then 1 inch onto aluminum foil.

Do not re-melt plasticene: to change its consistency kneed clay or oils into it by hand using the rolling boards.

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