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Sculpture Foundry Booklist


Foundry Arts

*Fine Art Metal Casting: An Illustrated Guide to Mould Making and Lost Wax Processes by Richard Rome and Hamish Young

*Bronze Sculpture Casting & Patination: Mud Fire Metal by Steve Hurst, Steve Russell

*Metalcasting by C. W. Ammen

Casting Aluminum by C.W. Ammen

Casting Iron by C. W. Ammen

*Hot Metal by Wayne Potratz, University of Minnesota

Build an Oil Fired Tilting Furnace (The Small foundry series) by Steve Chastain and Stephen D. Chastain

Foundry Manual by United States Navy

Mold Making, Casting and Patina by Bruner F. Barrie

Color on Metal: 50 Artists Share Insights and Techniques by Tim McCreight and Nicole Bsullak

Patinas for Silicon Bronze by Patrick V. Kipper

Japanese Patinas by Eitoku Sugimori

*Bronze Patination by Ron young

Degas Sculptures: Catalogue Raisonné of the Bronzes by Joseph S. Czestochowski and Anne Pingeot

Metal Casting History

Ancient Chinese Bronze Art: Casting the Precious Sacral Vessel by William Thomas Chase and Jung May Lee

Environmental Sculpture + Site

Land & Environmental Art (Themes&Movements) by Jeffrey Kastner and Brian Wallis

Art Nature Dialogues: Interviews With Environmental Artists by John K. Grande (Author), Edward Lucie-Smith

Between Landscape Architecture and Land Art by Udo Weilacher (Author)

Land Art (Taschen) by Michael Lailach and Uta Grosenick

Land Art by Ben Tufnell

Land Art: (hardcover) by Gilles Tiberghien

Land, Art a cultural ecology handbook. by Max Andrews

Ecological Aesthetics: Art in Environmental Design: Theory and Practice by Heike Strewlow, Herman Prigann, Vera David

Overlay: Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory by Lucy R. Lippard
Markings : Aerial Views of Sacred Landscapes by Charles Gallenkamp, Keith Critchlow, Maria Reiche, and Lucy Lippard

Sculptures Parks in Europe: A Guide to Art and Nature by Jimena Blázquez Abascal, Valeria Varas, and Raul Rispa

Space, Site, Intervention: Situating Installation Art by Erika Suderburg and Editor,Erika Suderburg

A Guide to the Sculpture Parks and Gardens of America by Jane McCarthy and Laurily K. Epstein

Socrates Sculpture Park by Ivana Mestrovic and Alyson Baker

Art in Action: Nature, Creativity, and Our Collective Future by Natural World Museum and Achim Steiner.
Unmarked : Peggy Phelan

Public Art

Dialogues in Public Art by Tom Finkelpearl

Public Art By The Book by Barbara Goldstein

Plop: Recent Projects of the Public Art Fund by Susan K. Freedman, Tom Eccles, Dan Cameron, and Katy Siegel

Art and the Public Sphere by W. J. T. Mitchell

City Art: New York's Percent For Art Program by Eleanor Heartney and Adam Gopnik

Sculpture Overviews

Part Object Part Sculpture by Helen Anne Molesworth

Modern Sculpture Reader by Jon Wood, Alex Potts, and David Hulks

Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center by bell hooks and Ellen P. Shapiro

*Passages in Modern Sculpture by Rosalind Krauss

Sculpture Today by Judith Collins

Unmonumental: the object in the 21st Century by Laura Hoptman, Richard Flood, Massimiliano Gioni + Trevor Smith

Reenchantment of Art by Suzi Gablik

*Shaping Space: The Dynamics of Three-Dimensional Design by Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher

Doubletake: Collective Memory and Current Art by Lynne Cooke, Bice Crugier, and Grey Hilty

Installation Art

*Installation Art in the New Millennium: The Empire of the Senses by Nicolas De Oliveira, Nicola Oxley, and Michael Petry

Installation Art by Nicolas De Oliveira

Installation Art by Claire Bishop

Blurring The Boundaries by Hugh Davies

From the Center by Lucy R. Lippard

Installation & Performance Art: Photographs by Claudio Abate 1960-Now by Achille Bonito Oliva, Sol Lewitt, Gilbert & George, Claudio Abate

Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space by Brian O'Doherty and Thomas McEvilley

*The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard

*The Production of Space by Henri Lefebvre

Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience by Yi-Fu Tuan and Steven Hoelscher

Sculpture Process


Modern Casting

Public Art Review by Forecast Public Art


Sculpture Magazine, by International Sculpture Centre

The Crucible by Castle Fine Arts, UK

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