Sunday, January 24, 2010


The Alfred Foundry Guild invite you to help raise money and awareness for the Earthquake Victims of Haiti.

Members of the community of Alfred, and surrounding towns are invited to visit the Foundry to create their own ‘relief sculpture’ by carving a design into a block of sand which you can then watch being cast in hot metal by Foundry Students.

A suggested donation of $10 is given in exchange for the experience of making a sculpture which participants can take home with them the same day. This activity is open to adults and children with adult supervision. Anyone can do it! As Alfred Foundry Students will be there to guide you through the process of carving the designs.The tools for carving the designs will be provided.

All money raised will be directly donated to a legitimate charity working with the earthquake victims of Haiti.

Other events include : Silent Art Action, Raffle of goods + services donated by area businesses, Music, T-shirts and food such as The Foundry 'Guild Cheese' sandwiches!

So come along, hang out, eat, listen to music, meet the artists, see great art, buy great art and watch the action of the metal being melted and poured to create sculpture and best of all you can do all this whilst raising money and awareness for the Haiti Earthquake Victims!


Andy Denton said...

What a great idea!

Hey, Alfred Friends check out ECU's blog about a Cast Iron show in conjuction with our spring pour.

We really enjoyed Jonathan and Graham visiting, you guys are always welcome back down. Our Spring Pour is Feb 20th.

Unknown said...

over the top, folks, over the top!! such a community effort and coming together through your efforts. the event was professional, so well organized and fun. my sincere AWE and CONGRATULATIONS to all who made this fantastic event happen.