Friday, January 23, 2009

Scott Lamont Awarded Apprenticeship

Congratulations go to Junior Sculpture Student Scott Lamont who was awarded the first Foundry Apprenticeship supported by Dean Lewis, School of Art and Design, NYSCC @ Alfred University. It is planned that this new program will become an integral part of the Foundry Program.

So, over the winter months whilst everyone was eating cake and opening presents some were feeding the furnace and opening molds!

'Apprenticing with Professor Coral Lambert this winter break has been a very interesting and motivating experience. As an apprentice I was asked to be directly involved in the creation of Professor Lambert's work, which gave me a great deal of experience in the casting process in a short amount of time. I became more familiar with the materials and techniques used in the foundry, such as sand molds and metal finishing. One of the most interesting things I learned about was how to operate and maintain a gas fired furnace. Pouring metal and finishing pieces for the whole break has given me much more experience in the casting process than taking a class could provide alone. Coral answered any questions I had about casting, gave me advice for my own work, and explained the creative process behind her own work. I highly recommend the apprentice program to any students who wish to become more skilled in their chosen media. It is a great way to learn as much as possible directly from an experienced artist and apply that knowledge to your own work.' Scott Lamont

Also a big Thank You to Ceramics Grad, Eliza Au + Foundry Tech, Mark Kessel for helping with the pours!

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