Digital Foundry


'Nano Disney' 3D Print to Bronze by Paul Higham 2017

Team Taught by Professor Coral Lambert + Visiting Artist Paul Higham.

Bringing together their unique skills and expertise from Lamberts 30 years of Sculpture Foundry experience to Higham's prominence in early Digital Sculpture this course offers a dynamic hands on experience. Higham attended Liverpool Art School and Goldsmiths, London in the early 70's and is internationally recognized as a pioneer of digital sculpture. This course was first offered by Lambert + Higham at the New York Institute of Technology in 2006 although they have been combining digital technology and foundry processes with rapid prototype to bronze castings since 1998. Continued developments can also be seen in their 2014 Solar Airstream Fab Lab Tour + ongoing projects.

Course Goals and Objectives
This special topics junior course will provide students with the hands on opportunity to explore new paradigms and processes related to the use of digital technologies in conjunction with the traditional art of foundry and cast metal sculpture.  From the virtual to the real the course will comprise of different projects throughout the semester such as digital pattern making, 3d scanning, printing, rapid prototyping, cnc milling and foundry processes.

'Flowers of Elysium' by Coral Lambert : Berlin 2017
Photogrammetry of Ghost Orchid to CNC Pattern to Open face sand mold, Iron Pour Performance.

The aim is to provide a platform to develop and push the boundaries related to the art of Foundry. Individual or collaborative projects may include object based work, site specific sculpture or installations in the environment.

By enrolling on this course you are participating in a human tradition, which is at least 5000 years old, we will be expanding upon this tradition with the use of digital technology. This course is designed to present you with a number of digital processing such as 3D Printing alongside metal casting experiences, designed to develop your personal vision and increase both your technical and aesthetic skills.

The objective is to provide basic technical and conceptual experiences that are concerned with the process of digital sculpture and foundry.


The methodology of the course is based on problem solving and sculpture building assignments. With hands on demonstrations, slide and video presentations throughout the semester we will also discuss and examine the historical precedents and contemporary issues relevant to the practice and process of environmental and cast metal sculpture. Below are some student renderings of their concepts in response to the project prompt 'Object Trouve'.

 Students work on Individual or collaborative projects from miniature to monumental, this may include object-based work, temporary performative explorations, process based investigations + site-specific installations.