Friday, March 24, 2017


The Summer Session at the National Casting Center Foundry will be extra special this year as we are combining the summer school with several International Visiting Artists who will be making work alongside you for the International Iron Conference !!  Sign Up and really make some new work that you could never make by yourself !!

ART 300-03 Topics: Metal Casting Demystified, 4 credit hours, elective or studio credit only

CRN 30710
May 15 - June 2, 2017

Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm with open studio hours : includes field trip to Fire at the Furnace in Scranton, PA : the venue for the International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art 2018

This three week course provides a unique opportunity to explore an expanding contemporary art from within a rich tradition. Students will experience the art and act of metal casting from the ground up by learning how to build and operate a furnace, make molds, run a pour, cast and finish sculpture. Skills taught include general foundry practice such as furnace building, welding steel, wax working, modeling, pattern making, ceramic shell, sand molding, pour preparation, casting, metal finishing, chasing, patination, and installation. Topics covered are Contemporary Cast Metal Sculpture and the Tradition of Metal Casting.

At the National Casting Center Foundry students learn ancient techniques alongside environmental practices and current digital processes and are strongly encouraged to push the practice into new territories. Molding processes taught are lost wax, ceramic shell, green sand, clay, and resin bonded sand. The 7000 square foot facility houses a large wax working room, patina area, and an extensive casting floor with a fully electronic overhead bridge crane. Furnaces range from a high temp induction furnace for iron, stainless and Corten steel, 2 traditional coke fired iron cupolas from 1000# to 100# capacity, charcoal fired ancient furnace as well as two gas-fired bronze and aluminum crucible furnaces as well as centrifugal casting. Future plans include adding a vegetable oil furnace to the Environmental Foundry.

Students studying at the National Casting Center are not only able to manifest their visions in materials and unparalleled technologies, they are encouraged to experiment with technique and are expected to gain experience in running the facilities which provides them with valuable working skills upon graduation. Many students graduating through the National Casting Center are now in leadership positions as teachers, employed in some of the top fine art foundries nationwide or have successfully set up their own studios.

For more info please contact or Cathy Johnson

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